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Experience Deep Intimacy with God.

An Awakening Call to an Extraordinary Life


Turn your back on porn's lies

Why I Wrote Holy. War.

About The Author

By the daily surrender of my will to the cross of the Christ I follow, I’ve left Darkness behind and made holiness my home. I’ve been set on fire about the freedom purchased for me to walk in, and am (almost!) tireless about inspiring my brothers and sisters to join me in the present Great Awakening, until we are all infused with the Breath of Heaven, engaged and fruitful in these amazing “last days” in which we live.

I'm an iron sharpener, and I’m passionate about helping men and women become truly intimate with God too, untangled from lessor things, and fully equipped for the poetry of working hand in hand with Him!  With great expectation, from a place of unshakeable acceptance and celebration, I’m reaching for the present fulfillment of prophetic word: that all who believe would do the same works as Jesus did, and even greater!

I'm also thrilled about being a husband, father, grandfather, worshipper, inspirational speaker, author, fine artist, songwriter, teacher, and spiritual counselor.  It is my hope that in all the overflow of my abundant life and faith, I am ever only accompanying Jesus on His clear objective: to destroy the works of the devil and to draw all men to the wide open arms of His beautiful Father.

I must testify that your book really impacted me! It was the right thing at the right time (as God usually does). I had been struggling to get out of the constant temptation of masturbation, which I fell a couple of times in the last months, and your book helped me to see truths about this that I had never seen before, it helped me to break through it! I feel empowered by the Word of God to fight it and convicted to grow in deep intimacy with God through the Holy Spirit. Thank you Jeffrey for your boldness and courage to say the things that you did in your book.

-M. C.

Through Jeffrey’s personal and transparent story, I learned of God’s utmost love and desire to have all of me. God is a jealous God. He will not tolerate any god before Him. This includes the god of self-soothing (AKA masturbation). In Jeffrey’s book, you will learn how to surrender the god of self (satan) in exchange for The King of Kings (Jesus). 

-D. D.

I've struggled with porn since my childhood, early teens.

Holy War, and it's Author,  Jeffrey Hakes, made a huge impact in me finding freedom from this idolatry. I was reassured He is for me and more ready than I was to set me free and set me in His Loving Presence once again. God's goodness has led me to repentance, not just to gloss over my guilt and shame, but to put an end to the sin, and walk in Righteousness, Peace, and JOY IN THE HOLY GHOST! I highly recommend this book to all.

-J. P.

8 Shocking Statistics About Porn Within The Church


of young Christian adults 18-24 years old actively search for porn.


of men and 38% of women in the Church view porn on a regular basis.


of pastors say porn has adversely impacted the church.


of pastors view porn on a regular basis.


of pastors say porn addiction is the most damaging issue in their congregation.


increase in infidelity rate caused by porn.

Only 7%

of pastors say their church has a program to help people struggling with pornography.


of American divorces involve one party having an "obsessive interest" in porn websites.

Are You Ready to Be Unchained and Fully Alive?

Holy. War..png

"Holy.War. is, without doubt, the most direct and poignant book written on the subject of purity and freedom from pornography.


More specifically, it is addressing the core of the issue that many books miss: Worship.


To whom do you give your attention?


Jeffrey's story is REAL.


His honesty about his own journey allowed me to be brutally honest with myself and others about my own journey of freedom from idolatry.


As the cover suggests, this book is truly a silver bullet against this wicked foe."


-D. I.

Freedom from the Dominion of Darkness

We believe it is the goal of the prince of darkness to use porn to disrupt and destroy both human relationships and relationships between God and man.

Holy. War..png

Chapter 1:

The Naked Truth

Chapter 2:

The First and Greatest Wound

Courting Insanity

Chapter 3:

Fear at the Wheel

Chapter 4:

Holy. War..png

Chapter 9:

The Smile in the Dark

Chapter 10:

Naked and Unashamed

Chapter 11:

Psalm 23: A Table for Two

Chapter 12:

The Beauty Beyond

Holy. War..png

Shots Across My Bow

Chapter 5:

Eyes and Hands

Chapter 6:

Insidious Design

Chapter 7:

Believing is Seeing

Chapter 8:

Holy. War..png

Sex and the End of Time

Chapter 13:

Royal Invitation

Chapter 14:

To Know and be Known

Chapter 15:

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